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                                                        Ubisoft watchdogs season pass trailer

What you get:

you get a single player campaign featuring a new playable character called T-bone (who likes to blow stuff up because he aint no hippy) additional missions for Aiden and you also get some new skins and weapons for him as well, it also includes a brand new game mode



The trailer gives us a glimpse of who T-bone is and he is awesome he likes to blow stuff up and shot a lot of stuff. It gives a small glimpse into what the new dlc mission will include. Next we see what new outfits we will get including some awesomely designed trench coats.  It also gives a look at the new game mode and side missions. Oh and also a whole lot of explosions, sneaking around and hacking.

You will save a total of 25% and it is released on the 27th of may.

Ubisoft released a new story trailer aswell as the official release date for watch dogs yesterday.

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The game will be released on globally on may the 27th more than 6 months after the originally planed release date, allowing the game designer to make it more awesome than it already look’s.

Watch dogs will be released on Xbox 360, Xbox one, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, wii u and pc

Trailer shows of some of the fighting mechanics, weapons, explosions, awesome police chases your fellow hackers, many amazing hacking abilities and much much more.

i am definitely sold the game after this story trailer and i think it is definitely worth the wait. do you? email me at or comment below

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Second assault dlc for battlefield 4 could be released for february the 18th if origin Germany is correct meaning that non premium subscribers will get it in the first week of march

The second assault dlc contains 4 map remakes from battlefield 3, Gulf of Oman, operation metro (one of my favorites), Caspian border and operation firestorm. It contains 5 re-mastered weapons for battlefield 4, the return of the dune buggy and brings back the capture the flag game mode


Team 17 has announced that they will be releasing the new next gen game worms battleground for the xbox one and ps4 later on this year

Team 17 hasn’t released and videos or screenshots but they did announce that it will be one of the first games to be published with the ID@XBOX program

Worms battleground title: