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Xbox live gold members will receive two free games. Hitman absolution out on the 1st of April (today) and deadlight which will be available on the 16th of April. once installed these games are yours to keep forever even if you gold run’s out.

Hitman absolution is the latest of the Hitman series and currently at a price tag  £10.00 



The second game is deadlight a 2D survival horror platformer and is priced at £11.99


Every month xbox live gold members will receive 2 free games on the 1st and the next on the 16th.


earlier today amazon listed the Xbox one media controller it was priced at £19.99 and a release date for April 4th. the remote also appeared on the Canadian amazon for $24.99 although they listed it for a march 4th release date so we will have to wait for an official release date

The remote looks like a lot similar to its last gen companion with buttons to scroll the menu with volume button a start and select button like on the Xbox one controller and a Xbox button to take you to the start screen

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